Largest project I've done in a long time. Subtext is an online puzzle game that plays out through real communications: SMS, phone calls, emails, etc. Some players will even receive items in the mail.


Modern implementation of a 1940s board game, made along with my brother Robert, who loves Hex but could never find a good site for real-time play. I did the design, frontend, and some of the backend, he wrote the rest of the backend and dealt with server administration.

Power Stationed

Multitasking crossed with an idler. Made from scratch in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 39.


Online ARG about my high school. Uses a chrome extension to insert fictional websites into search results for plot-related terms, blurring the line between fiction and reality. (Grayscale is no longer operating as of 2018)


Riddle-solving piece-sliding puzzle game made from scratch in 48 hours for Ludum Dare 36. Will you discover an ancient secret? Or just discover that you're bad at slide puzzles?


Action-puzzler where you draw paths to connect colored nodes. Each path will need to bend and contort to avoid overhanging the last. What are you connecting? Subway lines? Pipes of... paint? No idea, but hopefully they look cool.

The Rotator

Action game where you must react quickly to dodge red arcs and collect blue ones. You'll need to be careful, because the entire game is on a wheel and it might roll right off the screen.

Hyper ZOID

The sequel to ZOID, this time made in Unity. Get to 60 seconds to unlock hyper mode and really turn things up to eleventeen. The mobile version also has a new two player mode.


An arcade style bat-and-ball game with a twist or two. Or three. Or four. It's just bouncing a ball against a wall. How hard could it be? As it turns out, quite hard, as the game will make like a bucking bull and try anything and everything to shake you off.


Mazes are easy, when the lights are on. But that's not the situation you find yourself in, is it? Having a flashlight certainly helps, but those cheap off-brand batteries you bought aren't doing you any favors. The slightest bump will short them out, so you better be careful if you want to see where you're going. Besides, the light is the only thing keeping HIM away.