A tool for magicians that allows a chosen card to be revealed with a borrowed phone. Back end API uses AWS CloudFront + Lambda to ensure reliability and scalability.


Webapp for the George Mason University Flood Hazards Research Lab that I built for my high school senior mentorship project. The site collects and visualizes data from the lab's various forecast systems, and sends users custom flood alerts by SMS or email.

Site for Carol Morgan, artist of drawing, sculpture, watercolor, and collage. Meant to have a classy museum feel. The grids of images always stay proportional and equal width, regardless of the size of the screen or the aspect ratio of the images.

Website I was hired to make for an artist named Geri Gordon to showcase her oil paintings (mostly landscapes). Uses Masonry and Photoswipe for the gallery.

As you might have guessed, I made my own website. It's entirely static, using Sass and EJS that are compiled by Harp and served by S3 and CloudFront.