William O'Connell

Hi, I'm William.

I'm a web developer, game designer, and magician from Alexandria, Virginia.


Subtext logo.


Largest project I've done in a long time. Subtext is an online puzzle game that plays out through real SMS messages, phone calls, emails, etc. Some players will even receive items in the mail.

Unlisted logo.


A tool for magicians that allows a chosen card to be revealed with a borrowed phone. Backend API uses AWS CloudFront + Lambda to ensure scalability.

Screenshot of Hex Plus.


Modern implementation of a 1940s board game, made along with my brother Robert, who loves Hex but could never find a good site for real-time play. I did the design, frontend, and some of the backend, he wrote the rest of the backend and dealt with server administration.

Screenshot of iFlood website.


Webapp for the George Mason University Flood Hazards Research Lab that I built for my high school senior mentorship project. The site collects and visualizes data from the lab's various forecast systems, and sends users custom flood alerts by SMS or email.